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Poor quality writing in sections

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Subject:Poor quality writing in sections
Summary:Poor quality writing in sections
Date:2015-12-21 04:50:10
Update:2015-12-21 04:54:08

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Picture of jimmydorry jimmydorry - 2015-12-21 04:54:08
> The above query will return true and hence all the data from table students is returned. An attacker may alter the databases and the Web site may get crashed as the attackers gain administrative privileges.

Come on. You had a chance here to drive home exactly why you don't want attackers with access to your DB. You wasted it on a vague "crashed", which is what I would expect from the lowest of quality mainstream news (the people that brought us ignorant statements like "... the hacker 4chan...".).

> Furthermore, avoid session identifiers and other cookies to be stollen using malicious JavaScript inject in the Web pages, for instance with cross-site scripting attacks, you can use HTTP-only cookies.

A few spelling and grammar errors here.

> If you are using managed cloud hosting services, like Cloudways, that I work for, you may provide security measures in order to make your Web site more secure.

Another grammar error here.