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Annotations and Parallelism

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Subject:Annotations and Parallelism
Summary:Hack Language is All that PHP Should Have Been
Author:Moisés Márquez Gil
Date:2014-03-24 16:36:52
Update:2014-03-24 20:16:19

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Picture of Moisés Márquez Gil Moisés Márquez Gil - 2014-03-24 20:16:19
A lot of people don't want a dinamic language with types. But it helps a lot. Not only to explain the code. If you used to maintain others code, the annotations can help a lot.

And parallelism ... I need to use multi cURL to create an ilusion of parallelism. But it's not a beatiful construct. The one used by hack could be a better one.

So I think I can use Hack in a year or less.