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Interesting but young I think

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Subject:Interesting but young I think
Summary:Hopefully it will spur php a little
Author:H Johnson
Date:2014-03-25 19:43:25
Update:2014-03-25 20:59:45

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Picture of H Johnson H Johnson - 2014-03-25 20:59:45
My hat is off to them for pushing the envelope a bit.

But a language is not just a language. It is also the basis of a larger culture and network of engineers and the goodwill between them. php is far more than just a language, it's the good will that I go for, that has kept so many developers with it.

I do not trust facebook anywhere near as much as I trust php. So no, I won't be converting my code.

For one, I don't like the name 'hack'. I think it shows lack of imagination, disrespect, and youthful arrogance.

What I hope to see come out of this, is to spur the php developers a bit. .. to shakeup those unwilling to take bold steps forward.