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i rate many classes

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Subject:i rate many classes
Summary:i rate many classes
Author:Josť Filipe Lopes Santos
Date:2011-10-26 16:16:27
Update:2011-11-03 00:26:24


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Picture of Josť Filipe Lopes Santos Josť Filipe Lopes Santos - 2011-10-26 19:13:51
so as its possible, i rate many classes, sending in this mode, feedback to class developer ... ! ;-)
So i think that give a feedback is very good, we grow in the nohow !
Me when developer, like very mutch feedback, no feedback for me is bad !

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Picture of Manuel Lemos Manuel Lemos - 2011-11-03 00:26:24 - In reply to message 1 from Josť Filipe Lopes Santos
Yes, that's good.

In the future the site will give more evidence to users that rate more packages accurately, so more users are encourage to rate packages and give feedback to the authors.