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Subject:dysfunctional developer community
Summary:The php developer community is very dysfunctional
Date:2011-06-20 22:01:59
Update:2011-06-20 23:02:49

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Picture of Ralph Ralph - 2011-06-20 23:02:49
The bottom line here is that the PHP developer community is very dysfunctional. The bug tracking system is a joke. Important problems are routinely blown-off.

This article is just one more proof of how bad things really are.

It is a very sad situation, but for me and many others the bottom line is that we now avoid using PHP whenever possible. It used to be my number one most favorite language, but not anymore. I am sure the growing popularity of languages like Python owe a lot to how screwed up PHP has become. sigh.

But you don't have to take my word for it, anyone who wants to see this for themselves just needs to spend a couple of hours browsing through the list of Wont Fix bugs.

Also according to some ex-PHP developers, the code is a mess. This is one of the problems with OpenSource development, unless you have strong and competent leaders... having contributions from "thousands of developers" is NOT a good thing at all.