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Why not ?

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Subject:Why not ?
Summary:It's good to know of that fork ideas !
Author:alfredo de oliveira
Date:2011-06-19 18:20:51
Update:2011-06-19 21:31:45

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Picture of alfredo de oliveira alfredo de oliveira - 2011-06-19 21:31:45
Can anyione say C Sharp, Borland C, and GCC an all others C Language implementations are forks of the orginal C language ?

So why not accept it for PHP ?

I think the Zend Engine is a very burocratic implementation of the language and i don't agree with the restrictions to some win32 versions (2000, for example). There millions of win2K users around the world that will be forced to use old versions forever an this is not a good thing.

So new versions or forks are welcome at least to enhance the discussion about the pros and cons about the development process.