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Alternate method?

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Subject:Alternate method?
Summary:delay load an Iframe?
Date:2011-01-11 17:54:31
Update:2011-01-12 01:36:22


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Picture of eXcaliburN eXcaliburN - 2011-01-12 00:32:08
perhaps put advertising in another page, load an iframe to dimensions for layout/design.

and once the page loads use JS to set the iframe src to the advertising page specified.

This _should_ circumvent the described issues - but I'm not sure how the various browsers handle iframe objects.

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Picture of Manuel Lemos Manuel Lemos - 2011-01-12 01:36:22 - In reply to message 1 from eXcaliburN
iframes are not convenient to place targeted ads like Google AdSense.

AdSense needs to determine the current page URL so it can send a robot to scan the page and determine what ads should be displayed.

If you use iframes, they have their own URL that is different from the URL of the page they are inserted.

Anyway, the current solution already works in all browsers.