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Class: Audio Play
Embed a sound player on a Web page using Flash
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Installation of class.splay.php As described in the class itself, you must acquire the stand-alone flash player from and select the standalone version, install the audio-player.js and the player.swf in a public accessible directory. The audio_play.php will by default search for these two files in './js'. After the installation of all three files: audio-player.js player.swf audio_play.php you should be ready to use it on one of you web pages as described in the example in the class file. CodeIgniter example =================== .../application/controllers/carl.php: . . . $pl = new audio_play; $data['incl'].= $pl->get_header_player_js (); $data['incl'].= $pl->get_header_player_swf (); $pl->set_option_width (350); $pl->set_option_initialvolume (60); $pl->set_option_animation ('no'); $pl->set_option_titles ('Run'); $pl->set_option_artists ('Ramona Fottner'); $data2['audioplayer'] = $pl->play ('/Ramona Fottner - Run.mp3'); $data2['audioplayer'] .= '<br />'; $pl->set_option_titles ('Nutze Den Tag'); $pl->set_option_artists ('Freddy Sahin-Scholl'); $data2['audioplayer'] .= $pl->play ('/Freddy Sahin-Scholl - Nutze Den Tag.mp3'); $data2['audioplayer'] .= '<br />' $this->load->view('header2', $data); $this->load->view('carl', $data2); $this->load->view('footer'); . . . .../application/views/carl.php: . . . <?php echo $audioplayer; ?> . . . Good luck Carl Friis-Hansen