addNation('US','United States of America'); $adf->addNation('EN','England'); //or assigning directly to the class property - nation_array $adf->nation_array['CA'] = 'Canada'; $adf->nation_array['PT'] = 'Portugal'; //sort the class property - nation_array //we are also setting the US key/value pair at the top of that order $adf->sortNation('US'); //processing the posted data if( !empty($_REQUEST['form_posted']) ){ //create an address array by assigning posted data to tags $addr_array = array( 'recipient' => $_REQUEST['recipient'], 'building' => $_REQUEST['building'], 'addr_num' => $_REQUEST['addr_num'], 'street' => $_REQUEST['street'], 'unit' => $_REQUEST['unit'], 'locality' => $_REQUEST['locality'], 'province' => $_REQUEST['province'], 'province_abbr' => $_REQUEST['province'], 'postcode' => $_REQUEST['postcode'], 'nation' => $adf->nation_array[$_REQUEST['nation_abbr']], 'nation_abbr' => $_REQUEST['nation_abbr'] ); //process the address array //we are also including the nation in the full address $adf->procAddrArray($addr_array,true); } ?> Address Manager Example

(John Smith)

(Tower One)

(123 1/2)

(North Main St.)

(Apartment 101)


(MA or Massachusetts)

[Start over]
addr_array) ){ ?>
Full Address
Single Line Address
(aka waypoint which can be used with mapping services)
Class Values