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Innovation award
Innovation award
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PHP Programming Innovation award nominee
June 2007
Number 2

Prize: One book of choice by O'Reilly
Upload and download video files from YouTube
Update: 0.1.3 now works with PHP4 as well!

Update: due to changes in the YouTube-forms, all versions of PHPTube prior 0.1.2 are rendered obsolete!

This class can be used to upload and download video files from YouTube.

It can login in YouTube on behalf of a given registered user and upload and download video files.

Downloading takes as parameters the identifier of the video to download and the name of the file to which the downloaded video will be stored.

Uploading takes as parameters the name of the video file to upload, the video title, description, tags, category, language, and whether the video should be made publicly accessible to all users, or only to family and friends of the uploader user.

Requirements: PEAR/HTTP
RatingsUtility Consistency Documentation Examples Tests Videos Overall Rank
All time: 77% 83% - 79% - - 54% 2028
Month: Not yet rated by the users

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