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How to Learn More about PHP Online for Free in 2020 While You Wait for Your Next Job

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Sometimes PHP developers have some free time that they could use to do something useful.

One of the best ways to use that time is to learn new things so you can become an even better developer.

Read this article to learn more about some nice resources that you can use to learn for free more about PHP and related topics either in English, Portuguese and many other languages.

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In this artcle you can read about:

Why Learning More About PHP and Related Topics is Good For Your Future?

What Can You Do to Learn More about PHP for Free?

The PHP Manual (Many languages)

NomadPHP (English)

UpInside (Português)

The PHP Classes Site Itself (English)

Your Suggestions

Why Learning More About PHP and Related Topics is Good For Your Future?

PHP is a very popular language for Web development as we all know. Therefore there are many PHP developer out there willing to work for many companies that hire PHP developers to work their Web projects.

Not only you need to know about PHP, but also databases, email systems, frameworks, project task management, testing tools, as well other related technologies for running and hosting PHP projects in a Web servers.

The knowledge that you need to have about all these technologies, tools and methods,keeps growing. Companies are demanding that to be well paid you know as many of these as possible.

Companies that pay more tend to demand that you have more experience about these technologies, tools and methods that are being used today, the more you can earn for working on the available jobs.

What Can You Do to Learn More about PHP for Free?

There are many resources out there that you can use to learn more about PHP and related technologies for free. Lets comment about a few that we know.

The PHP Manual (Many languages)

The PHP manual is brilliant. It is the result of a huge collaboration of many PHP developers from around the world.

Not only it comes with documentation of every function of every module of PHP, but it also comes with example code and comments from community members that decided to help bby providing examples and additional information that was not in the PHP manual managed by the PHP group.

To make it even better, it is translated into many languages that probably include the language that you speak.

If you need to know more about specific PHP language features, modules, and its functions, just go to the PHP Manual main page and start browsing it.

NomadPHP (English)

NomadPHP is a site that presents many resources to learn more advanced PHP for English speaking developers, like high quality videos about advanced PHP topics, live talks with experienced PHP developers, live in depth trainings and workshops, access to PHP conferences, etc..

To access NomadPHP, just go to the Nomad PHP Web site and click on the Join Now button. After you create an account you can access many free resources that they have made available to all members of their community.

UpInside (Português)

UpInside is a site dedicates to teaching about PHP and other topics in Portuguese. Here follows a more detailed description for Portuguese speaking developers.

UpInside é um site dedicado a ensinar sobre PHP e outros tópicos relacionados que ensina como frameworks, ferramentas, infraestrutura, marketing digital, etc..

Você pode acessar a plataforma de cursos da UpInside indo no site da plataforma.

Você também pode acessar 8 cursos gratuitos que a UpInside está disponibilizando gratuita indo nesta página de inscrição que foi criada precisamente para você se beneficiar dos cursos sem compromisso.

Aqui também pode ver uma versão oficial do elePHPant do PHP customizada para a UpInside que em breve os alunos cursos da UpInside poderão também receber.

ElePHPant preto Upinside lateral com logo do PHP ElePHPant preto Upinside diagonal com logo da empresa

The PHP Classes Site Itself (English)

The PHP Classes site was created to make it easier share knowledge about PHP and related topics.

Initially it provided means for PHP developers to share their PHP components built as classes of objects. The idea was to share knowledge in the form of reusable components that come with examples and documentation that you can learn and use immediately in your projects. About 10000 components were shared by over 4300 authors with over 1.5 million registered users of the site.

Here you can browse the available component categories or you can also use the site search to search for components using specific keywords.

Later the site provided means for any developer to write blog posts, so other developers could also learn about solving broader problems using tutorials. Here you can find the main PHP tutorial articles.

Many published components also come with tutorial articles to teach how specific problems can be solved with those components. Here you may find those PHP component tutorial articles.

Addionally if you were not able to find a component to solve a specific need that you have in your PHP projects, you can also ask for a recommend package and eventually you can get suggestions to use available components, or a developer may create a new component for you. You can find this resource in the recommended PHP packages section.

Your Suggestions

There are certainly many more resources out there in the Internet to learn more about PHP but we could not cover all of them here.

If you know any other site from which you have learned more about PHP or related topics, please share the information about that site here in the comments of this article.

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