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Notable PHP package: PHP Image Mosaic Generator

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Some applications need to present groups of images in an attractive way for their users.

One nice way to present images is to create a mosaic effect. Several images are displayed as tiles next to each other, so the users can see many images at once.

This PHP class can show tiled images using the mosaic effect. There is one main background image and all the group images are displayed over that image using transparency in a way that looks like small glasses over the background image, causing great visual impression.

The class can generate the mosaic effect in a PDF document that can be printed but using the same algorithm it could eventually generate the same mosaic effect outputting as an image.

The package comes with a nice screenshot of the output so you can see the effect in practice.

Read this article to learn more details about how this notable PHP package works.

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The package PHP Image Mosaic Generator is one of the few PHP packages that was considered notable recently because it does something that is worth paying attention.

The basic purpose is: Generate a mosaic from an image in PDF format

Here follows in more detail what it does:

This class can generate a mosaic from an image in PDF format.

It extends the FPDF class to create a document with a given size that renders a background image divided in tiles that overlay a set of several one images.

The tile images are overlayed with a given level of transparency as if they were glass tiles, so you can still recognize the background image behind the tile images.

The number of columns and rows of the tiles, the alpha transparency level and the tile images are configurable parameters.

The resulting PDF document is saved to a given file name.

Notable PHP packages can be often considered innovative. If this package is also innovative, it can be nominated to the PHP Innovation Award and the author may win prizes and recognition for sharing innovative packages.

If you also developed your own notable or innovative packages consider sharing them, so you can also earn more visibility for your package.

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