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Top Best Countries with the Most Creative PHP Developers in 2014

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The launch of the PHP and JavaScript Innovation Award World Championship this year motivated many more developers to share innovative components, not only to get recognition for themselves but also for their countries.

Read this article to discover which are the best countries with the most creative developers so far and how you can still help your country to win the Innovation Award Championship of 2014.

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Innovation Award World Championship

The Innovation Award is an initiative started in 2004 by the PHP Classes site. The goal is to encourage more developers to create and share innovative components, rather than submitting components that are for the same purpose of others already published in the past. This initiative was extended to the JSClasses site in 2013.

The Innovation Award World Championship is an initiative launched in 2014 in either the PHP Classes and JS Classes sites. The goal is to motivate more developers to encourage other developers of their country to submit even more innovative components.

The idea is to have a special prize to be awarded to the authors of the winning country. All the innovative authors of the winning country that gather more points in the year will be entitled at least to a special prize which in the case is a big elePHPant plush toy. Eventually there will be another prize that I am not revealing for now.

Each of the innovative authors will get their own elePHPant. So the more authors of your country participate, the greater are the chances that your country wins the big prize.

Innovation Award World Championship Rankings of 2014

The year of 2014 did not end yet but we can see already how the Innovation Award World Championship Ranking is so far.

For PHP, so far 58 authors of 30 countries participated in 2014 with 83 innovative packages. Here follows the current standings of the ranking.

6United States5355
7Russian Federation3233
10United Kingdom2142
"The Netherlands161
"Slovak Republic161
"Dominican Republic121

For JavaScript, so far 29 authors of 22 countries participated in 2014 with 43 packages. Here follows the current standings of the ranking.

12United States241
16The Netherlands131
"United Kingdom121

Help Your Country to Win the Innovation Award Championship of 2014

Since the year did not end yet, you can still participate in the 2014 edition and help your country to win. You can either submit innovative packages to either PHP Classes or JS Classes, or encourage other developers you know that have developed innovative packages to also submit them to the site.

If you do not have any ideas for innovative packages, you can get some suggestions by looking at the new package recommendation system. This is a system that lets users request packages for certain purposes they need.

When there is a request for a package with features that are not implemented by any of the packages submitted so far, the request becomes featured. Therefore, just look at the section for featured PHP package requests (or the featured JavaScript package requests) to get suggestions for packages that may be considered innovative when they are submitted for the first time.


The innovation award and the package recommendation system are great initiatives to guide developers in sharing more useful work for the benefit of the whole PHP and JavaScript communities.

The PHP Classes and JS Classes site blogs always include mentions to the latest innovative packages published in the sites every month in the categories for the Lately in PHP and Lately in JavaScript hangout podcasts.

There is also a special report of all the innovative packages in video. Just subscribe to the YouTube PHPClasses and JSClasses channel to follow these podcast hangouts and reports.

Post a comment to this article if you have questions or other comments you would like to make.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year of 2014.

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