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As it was announced last month, the PHP Classes site is displaying paid banners in order to generate some income to help keep the site open by letting me continue work on developing and maintaining the site at full time.

The site now displays banners also in the alerts and newsletter messages like this to increase the income. However, the additional income that is generated is still not enough to justify keep working on the site at full time.

Therefore, I need to find other ways to increase further the site income while the subscriptions of paid services that I have been working on are not yet ready to launch.

One way to increase the site income is to find sponsors that are interested to pay for the remaining advertising inventory that is not sold. The site several affordable options that are great for companies interest in advertising products or services intended for the PHP community or people with related interests. Placement of banners in the site pages or in the newsletters and alert messages are available at affordable prices.

If you are interested in sponsoring the site, please go to this page and submit the sponsoring enquiry form. I promise that all enquiries will be answered immediately.

Another alternative to increase the income is to open the ad space to more rewarding types of ads to be made available to the current paying advertisers. The types of ads being considered are larger banners and pop-under banner windows.

I am perfectly aware that some people may not be pleased in particular with any ads in popping windows. However, I would like to rest those that may be concerned that the pop under ads that may appear will not show more than once a day to each user that visits the site.

Despite I need to whatever is necessary to keep the site open, I have found a solution for those that do not tolerate any sort of pop windows. There is an option in the user options page that you lets you tell whether you accept the display of pop banner windows.

If you absolutely intolerant to pop banner windows, for now you are free to turn them off by going on the user options page. However, if you do not mind that much, please leave that option set considering that way you are making an indirect contribution to keep the site open.

Keep in mind that I am not promising that I will let that option freely accessible forever. It is very likely that when the paid subscription services are made available later, resetting that option may only be available to paying subscribers as an additional benefit for the services that they will pay.

I hope that every body understands that these measures are necessary in the interest of all that benefit from services that the site already provides for free to the PHP community.

To end this letter, I would like to let you know that next week I will be announcing some new site features that will stimulate more and better contributions of PHP Classes components.

Manuel Lemos

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