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Fast PHP Menu Builder, Pure PHP Automatic Backup, 8 Artificial Intelligence Facts - 3 minutes - Lately in PHP 97

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Updated on: 2023-09-28

Posted on: 2023-09-28

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Categories: PHP Tutorials, Lately in PHP Podcast

On the Lately in PHP 97 podcast you will learn in 6 minutes about a fast PHP menu builder package that loads configuration from files, a pure PHP automatic database backup package, 8 artificial intelligence facts that all developers need to know.

Read this article, watch a 6-minute video, or listen to episode 97 audio of the Lately in PHP podcast to learn about the best articles published on the PHP Classes site in the week of September 17 through September 22.

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What was said in the podcast

Hello, Welcome to the Lately in PHP podcast.

This is episode 97, and today we are going to comment briefly on the latest articles published in last week. They are recent. They are shorter and direct and I'm sure you will appreciate.

1. How to Use a PHP Menu Builder Package that Loads Menus From Files to Generate Pages with Menus Faster

So we are going to start right from the first article that was published last week. This is about a package that can build menus, and navigation menus that you can present on pages.

And the package itself uses files to store the configuration of the menus. First, there is a part that the code defines the menus, and then the package stores the definition in files.

So the next time the menus are loaded in another page that shows the same menu it can load faster because sometimes the menu itself is made of items retrieved from a database and that is slow.

So this way this package can improve the speed of the generation of menus on each page that you show the same or practically a similar menu.

2. How to Implement a PHP Automatic Database Backup in Pure PHP Without Using Cron

So next, I'm going to comment briefly also about another interesting package that automates backups.

Database backups and very important that you should do in your projects just in case something bad happens, not that I want that bad things happen, but sometimes they happen, accidents, security incidents.

You need to have a plan B. So the plan B would be to have a database backup that usually, if you use MySQL, you use the MySQLdump command, and then you store the backup in a file and maybe send the file to another server.

In this case this package can do it all in PHP. So no longer need the mysqldump command.

Sometimes in some servers it is not available or if it is available it is restricted due to security reasons or some Cloud hosting that uses a way that does not provide access to these programs nor shell access.

So only when you have PHP this solution can be good for you and it will still do it the the do the backup process in a way that is automated.

So this is very interesting. Checkout if you need a solution like this in your hosting environment.

3. 8 Top Artificial Intelligence Facts All Developers Need to Know

Next, I'm going to comment very briefly about a topic that many people are commenting, which is about artificial intelligence.

So the article covers several facts that are clarified because recently there is this search of topics discussions about artificial intelligence is the scare that it can cause and people may lose jobs.

It's nothing like that. Artificial intelligence is an area that provides several tools and APIs that you can use.

And now they have become easier in the latest months, maybe since last November, with the launch of shared GPT and other APIs and tools that you can use, so this article clarifies all those myths, those misunderstandings about the potential artificial intelligence.

So artificial intelligence just got better because it's not even a new thing, and this article clarifies what you may have doubts and I hope it help you to understand better the potential of artificial intelligence and you should learn as soon as possible so you may be using it in a future project okay?

4. How to Add Laravel Test Email Sent Support Feature to Check if Your Application in the Development Environment is Sending Correct Email Messages

To end there is another article very interesting package that does something amazing, which is to allow developers that need to test applications to emulate the delivery of email.

So, when you are in a development environment, you may need to test the delivery of email messages but sometimes you are in a restricted environment or you are in an office or some place that does not allow you to send real email messages.

So you need to simulate the delivery message so you can test in real applications.

So what this package allows you is to simulate the delivery messages specifically for packages and applications based on Laravel framework that send messages to log files.

So, the messages are sent to log files, and then they are stored there. And it also has something very nice which is the email log viewer.

So when the application that you are testing sends the email, the email messages are stored in log files, and there is a part of this package that allows you as a developer to see the message that was sent, and you can have an idea if the message is correct, is formatted the way you want and this is very good, okay?


So, with this, we end this episode of the Lately in PHP podcast. I hope to see you next week.

Check out the links to these articles around this video page.

And I hope you find it useful and next week, we'll have more of these very interesting packages, articles, events, everything that we can spread about the latest things that we have covered in PHP classes site in the blog and  In this podcast.

On my behalf, that's all for now. Thank you for watching. I hope to see you soon. Bye.

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